What to Look For in a Good Corporate Event

What to Look For in a Corporate Events

When planning an event for your workplace, there are multiple things to consider. First, you must consider the team building or corporate activity. Then if the activity doesn’t have its own venue, you have to look at venues and look at those logistics. Here is a break down of all the questions you must ask yourself during the planning process:

Event Planning

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Things to Look For in the Activity
  • Location- If your activity has its own location, is it easy to get to from the office? It doesn’t necessarily have to be walking distance but it should be easy to get to by transit or car.
  • Activity-What activity will you be doing? Will it offer something of value to your company? Does it align with the objectives you’ve created for the event?
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  • Personalization- Are they willing to customize their programming to fit your needs? Will they work with you to create something flexible and related to your event objectives? Our corporate event packages are all custom made for every corporate client we receive.
  • Enjoyment- Will your team enjoy this event or at least get something out of this? Often these events are used as team building and/or bonding activities so you want to make sure that what you pick reflects the whole team.
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Things to Look For in the Venue
  • Size of Location- Will the venue accommodate the amount of people you plan to invite?
  • Atmosphere- Does it fit the tone you are trying to set for the event?  If you are hosting a more professional corporate event, does it fit that? Or if you’re looking to do team building, does it have a friendlier, more modern vibe?
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  • Food and Drinks- Does the venue provide food? If not, do they allow outside caterers? What kind of food do you need for the event? Does the venue have a liquor licence?
  • Facilities-What does the venue offer? Will it accommodate what you want to do? You may just need a blank canvas so check out our space rental page to see if our space could work for you.
  • Time- Will the venue be available for the time of year you require it? Do you have a backup date planned in case something goes wrong or no venues are available for that date?

Interested in Planning a Corporate Event?

Check out our unique corporate photography events and workshops that can work for every team. We offer a variety of programs and will work with you to create a tailored event to satisfy most needs.

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