Top 6 Benefits of Team Building

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One of the biggest problems that workplaces face is maintaining happy, engaged employees who enjoy coming to work each day. “Organizations with low employee engagement scores saw 18% lower productivity, 16% lower profitability, 37% lower job growth, and 65% lower share price over time” (Dynamic Signal). This can be due to stress, a large workload, or a variety of other factors that when left unmanaged can lead to a high turnover rate in employees.

Team building can be the quickest way to increase happiness, team work, and collaboration within the work environment. There are several other benefits to participating in team building activities.

6. Improves Productivity

The goal is always to be productive as possible but employees who aren’t engaged are far less likely to produce as much as they can. The most important thing about team building is the connection it provides and the soft skills it can improve.”Productivity improves by 20-25% in organizations with connected employees” (Linked In)¬†If everyone understands the purpose of their role within the company and they can put faces to names of other people in the workplace, this creates genuine relationships.


5. Encourages Creativity

In the complicated, tech savvy world we live in, creativity is becoming one of the most highly sought after skills in the job market. A survey completed by over 1500 CEOS revealed that members of the C-Suite feel that “successfully navigating an increasing complex world will require creativity”(IBM). Team building activities call for employees to unleash their creativity to solve problems, create ideas, and think outside of the box. These skills are increasingly important in all workplaces.


4. Strengthens Communication

Team building allows for employees to be placed in an isolated environment where the only solution to the problem is to work together. If the group doesn’t work together effectively, the task doesn’t get completed. These kinds of activities also bring light to the task completion process and are designed to enhance and centre on communication. Ineffective communication is often cited as the leading cause of most workplace failures (Dynamic Signals). Team building can help employees create a communications process that they can follow on a regular basis.

3. Encourages Teamwork & Leadership

In unique situations that are different than the usual workplace dynamic, team building activities can allow for employees to step outside of their usual roles and levels of authority. 3/4 employees rated teamwork and collaboration as very important (Queens University of Charlotte). This can create leaders out of the quiet people that don’t usually vocalize their opinions and lets those who are generally leaders in the office to take a step back and observe. Changing up these roles can provide a good shift in perspective for those involved.

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2. Enhances Problem Solving Skills

Having a super involved problem solving process can seem tedious but team building activities are all about amplifying normal routines and solving problems in a more involved manner than usual. Team building can create the opportunity to look at things differently  but also the chance to work with either different people or in a different environment. Both of these things can create the opportunity to see things differently. Problem solving is important in any workplace as things come up and need to be dealt with effectively and often creatively.


1. Strengthens Morale and Company Culture

Overall, happier employees are the best to work with. They produce the best quality work and make the workplace a nicer place to be. An organization with mostly highly engaged employees will perform 2.5x better than a competitor with low engaged employees (Daily Infographics). Taking breaks and doing things out of the ordinary makes employees feel more comfortable in their jobs. Focusing on something other than work occasionally makes employees feel appreciated which is one of the key reasons employees stay with their company.

Team building allows for people to socialize within the company and meet new people that they don’t necessarily see everyday. Encouraging this kind of networking is important because it will help develop friendships within the company and get everyone to know each other. These kind of events also create a more collaborative and friendly culture that will make employees engaged and want to come to work. 87% of highly engaged employees are less likely to leave the company they are at because they are satisfied with the people and environment they are working with (Daily Infographic).

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