How to Have Fun at Work and Still Be Productive

Work can seem like a slog sometimes but you can make it fun by making some adjustments to your routine. Though it is a professional environment, you don’t need to be serious 100% of the time. You should love what you do and where you do it. These tips can help you to have more fun at work while still remaining productive.

Lunch Break

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4. Take Breaks

Eating a sandwich alone at your desk every day isn’t going to cut it. Studies have shown that taking an actual lunch break makes you more productive and gives more energy throughout the day. It also allows for a change in perspective and just leaving the office for a little bit can make you feel better.

Team work

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3. Work with Others

Take advantage of the other smart people in the office and ask their opinion on things. If you are stuck on something, talk to other people. Collaborations and brainstorming will allow for a better flow of ideas and will increase the chances of finding some work friends. Having friends and people you can talk to about work as well as life will enhance your happiness and cause you to have more fun.

Go Out

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2. Go Out with Coworkers

Whether you take that lunch break with a group of coworkers or you decide to go for a drink after work, try to foster a sense of community and build a group of work friends. These connections are important because they are the difference between feeling isolated and lonely and wanting to go to work.

Personalized workspace

1. Personalize Your Workspace

If your company allows it, personalize your office, desks, or cubicle to make it feel like yours. Hang up posters or photos that make you smile to keep you going through out the day. If you don’t have your own workspace, bring your favourite coffee mug or personalized stationary to give a little individuality to the office.

Personalized coffee mug workplace

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