How Team Building Improves Mental Health at the Office

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Mental health has recently become a large topic of conversation, especially for people who work in offices and other corporate environments. Being stuck in the same routine and under large amounts of stress can cause mental unrest amongst office workers. Team building activities can be a good way to break up the office’s daily routine while also establishing relationships and thorough communication processes. Here are the top 5 ways team building can improve mental health:

5. Improve Company Culture

Spending an afternoon participating in team building activities can allow for people to let their guard down and be themselves with coworkers. These activities can also help break down the barriers created by work hierarchies and job titles that can cause tension and uncertainty amongst colleagues. Team building demonstrates that everyone is just a person and can create a very dynamic and equality centric environment that is not usually present in the office. For another great article about how to build a healthy company culture, check out this post from Forbes.

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4. Teaches the Importance of Celebration

Basic team building activities often have a task that you as a team must complete. It involves open communication and a lot of brainstorming to accomplish it successfully. The attitude that workers take on during the team building task of cooperation and positivity should be one that follows them into the office. The celebration that goes along with accomplishing any tasks during team building should be replicated in the office as well. Anytime a group accomplishes something, big or small, it should be acknowledged somehow. Whether it’s in an email or a staff meeting, recognition is an important part of letting people know that they are recognized and valuable to the company. This enhances self esteem and makes workers feel more secure in themselves.

In a study done by the Harvard Business Review in 2010, a 0.1 percent in employee engagement resulted in $100,000 more income to the store. The single most important factor of employee engagement was recognition of accomplishments by coworkers and superiors.


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3. Communicate Effectively and Openly

“For every billion dollars spent on projects, $75 million of that is put at risk due to ineffective communications.” (Training Industry) Ineffective communication can lose your company money but it also causes frustration amongst coworkers. Executives consider 67% of meetings failures as most employees leave them confused about the content. This kind of confusion can cause discontent amongst employees and may make them unhappy in the long run. Team building activities can assist in creating a smoother communication process amongst team mates so projects can be accomplished more effectively.

Another part of the communication piece is open communication. Coworkers should be able to tell each other how they feel and if they can’t, they may repress negative feelings. This is unhealthy because we can’t physically repress emotions so trying to shove it down only causes more negative emotions to generate. Team building creates an opportunity to talk to coworkers in a non-work environment and can help to strengthen relationships with them.

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2. Encourage Break Taking

Corporate events and team building activities encourage employees to step out of the office. When teams take breaks, they perform better. This increases productivity and allows for workers to think about something other than work. This adds positivity to the office and makes people feel like their mental health is a priority.

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1. Emphasizes the Importance of Team Work

No person is an island and working in an office should not cause them to isolate themselves. It can be easy when there is a lot of work to get done to ignore those around you and focus on the job but your coworkers are there to help you. Team building activities thrive on proper team work and you as a team will fail if you don’t work together effectively. Team building reminds you that it is okay to ask for help and is sometimes the only way to get things done.

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