Benefits of Creativity in the Workplace

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Creativity is more than just beautiful presentations and having the ability to do art. Creativity is a state of mind-thinking outside of the box and garnering a unique perspective are examples of a creative thinker. Being able to step outside of the usual routine and envision something completely different can be useful in the workplace. Fostering that creativity can allow new ideas to present themselves while also having a solution for every problem.

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Benefits of being creative in the workplace:

  • Allows for risk taking and takes the pressure off of the possibility of failure.

When you are able to break out of the typical work process and try something new, it can be scary. Trying the unknown can result in failure which is always seen as a no-no but thinking outside of the box requires taking a risk and usually can pay off in the most amazing ways.

  • Creates unique, outside of the box ideas that allow you to stand out from competitors.
  • With the ability to see things from a different perspective, problem solving is easier.

You can solve problems more effectively because you are willing to tackle them in a way that might not have been tried before. This can cause a higher rate of problem solving and cause people to see things from a new view point.

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  • Teaches flexibility and adaptability.

Not every idea is a good one or a practical one for the work environment. As a result, back-up plans and multiple ideas are often needed. Thinking outside of the box makes that easy as you can come up with ideas you would never think of if you stuck to traditional methods.

  • Encourages curiosity and passion amongst employees.

Employees who don’t have follow a specific process can experiment and do things the way they want. This not only makes them happier but also pushes them to be creative more often. They also become more curious and passionate for their job when they can pursue a project the way they want to.

  • Boosts staff morale.

Trusting employees to be creative and creating a mostly hands on environment requires trust. Trusting your employees will cause them to respect the company, be happier in their positions, and stay with the company for a  longer period of time.

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How do You Create a Creative Work Environment?

Yes, creativity is beneficial but how do you make your workplace a creative zone? Here are four simple tips:

Creative workplace

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  1. Allow for play: Let your team explore and create during brainstorming sessions. Whether this is through providing art supplies or fidget toys, let your employees’ minds wander. Get your team outside of the office to stimulate creativity. Team building events can be a great way to do this.
  2. Brainstorming and collaboration: when coming up with ideas for a project, allow for teams to work together. Having more people thinking of ideas is better than having one and working together allows for people to build off one another.
  3. Foster a creative environment: Don’t control how employees do their tasks. Create a free environment where people can get their work done how they please with very few fixed processes. Keep the environment light and welcoming. Use bright colours and try to eliminate cubicles or assigned seating.
  4. Reward creativity: Encourage employees to think creatively by offering prizes for people that come with the most creative strategy or idea for the next project.

For more tips on fostering a creative workplace, check out our 10 Tips To Develop Creativity In Your Workplace blog post.

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