8 Ways to Improve Workplace Morale

Approximately 23% of your life will be spent at work so being miserable isn’t an option. There are certain times of year when it seems like everyone has checked out and that’s not good for morale or for productivity. Everyone wants to work in a positive environment which sometimes seem hard to achieve.
Here are our top tips to maintain a healthy workplace morale:

8. Celebrate Company and Personal Accomplishments

Employees spend a lot of their time with their coworkers and superiors so it’s important that everyone is properly recognized for their work. This can be a pat on the back and a mention at a staff meeting or giving an incentive when someone reaches their target. Personal milestones are important to recognize as well however. It can be as simple as a cupcake on their birthday or giving out company wide holiday cards. Make sure every employee knows their value within the company.


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7. Demonstrate How Every Employees’ Job Matters

It can be easy to forget the importance of your role in the company when you are stuck in your work bubble. Reminding people about their importance within the company and even outside of that is important. Everybody’s actions make some kind of difference and that needs to be demonstrated semi-regularly.

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6. Regularly Schedule Team Building Activities

People within the workplace need to interact with each other in a non- work context sometimes. Everyone who works at the company is an individual and that can be forgotten. As a result, there needs to be regular activities that force employees to work together on non-work related projects. This will strengthen relationships within the company and hopefully get ideas flowing on other projects.

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5. Encourage Employees to Take Real Breaks

Eating lunch at a desk is the most common thing for working people but this kills creativity and causes unnecessary stress and energy drain. Taking a break can clear the mind and can help employees to refocus. Encourage employees to go for a walk or eat out during lunch so that they can experience a change of scenery during the day. This will cut down on employee fatigue.

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4. Don’t Use Email for Everything

Email is a wonderful business tool that can help improve productivity and communication but it can also be a hassle when used incorrectly or unnecessarily. It’s also not the most ideal tool for instant communication or keeping track of tasks and projects. There are tons of great business services that can help improve workplace communication and organize office projects such as Slack and Asana.

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3. Organize Company Wide Volunteering 

Corporate Social Responsibility is a big trend within the business world these days and can offer employees an opportunity to give back to the community and experience a change of pace. Volunteering makes people feel good and allows for everyone to experience the feeling of giving back.


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2. Ask For Feedback

An easy way to make employees feel valued and respected is to ask their opinions on company decisions and other things that require thought. The fact that you gave them the opportunity to speak their mind and you took the time to listen is valuable and important. It shows that you care and you respect their opinion as an employee of the organization.


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1. Have Fun

Work is not meant to be this place that you dread going five days a week. Though it is a professional environment, it is supposed to have some element of fun. The workplace should not be this boring, anxiety ridden environment. Allow for the workplace to have fun. Schedule company events and outings where you get out of the office for the afternoon. Plan a Mario Kart Tournament or have theme days where people can dress up. Make work, this place where people spend 40+ hours a week, a fun and positive place to be.

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