5 Tips For Successful Team Building Activities

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The goal of team building activities is to improve working relationships within teams and give every member a strong sense of their role in solving problems and completing tasks alongside their colleagues. Team building gives coworkers opportunities to develop teamwork skills in a setting outside of work that they can bring back to the workplace.

Here are five tips to help your team-building succeed!

1. Plan Well in Advance & Get Your Staff Excited!

Having to attend work-related functions outside of normal working hours might seem onerous for some. Letting everyone know in advance when an event will be happening so they can adequately plan their other responsibilities around it can minimize the risk of people declining to attend out of hand or cancelling at the last minute. Also, the earlier to let your team know, the more you and your staff can talk about it!

2. Understand Your Goals

Are you trying to improve communication? Solve a specific complex problem? Get to know each other better in an informal setting? What skills or knowledge are you hoping to take back to the office? It’s important to set clear goals and make sure all attendees understand the purpose and importance of the team building activity.

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3. Choose The Right Activity

Be clear about the goal of the team building exercise, then pick an activity which relates to this goal! If the objective is to rally team members around a common goal, you might want to make sure the activity is collaborative rather than competitive. Think about who your team members are and what might be appealing or exciting to them. Getting out of the usual office space can be refreshing, but don’t forget to consider physical accessibility too. Choose an activity that everyone involved will have a chance to fully participate in!

If people know where and when they’re going, what they’re going to be doing, and the overall goal of the activity, then you’ve set a solid foundation for successful team building! (See: Ideas For Successful Team Building Activities on Ace-Up for tips on choosing an activity and overcoming problems like non-participation.)

4. Break The Ice!

You might need to help everyone warm up to each other and get the conversation flowing, especially if your team members aren’t used to meeting up outside the context of work! Helping your attendees to open up, start talking, and discover what they have in common can be a great, fun way to kick off a team-building session and make sure everyone feels relaxed and comfortable with one another. 

(See: My Favorite Team Building Icebreaker on The Balance for tips on how to facilitate conversational flow.)

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5. Evaluate & Follow Up

Check in with team members shortly after the team building activity to gain valuable feedback about its level of success and usefulness. Team building events shouldn’t just be forgotten the moment they’re finished! A successful team building event should establish lasting improvements to the way the team functions in the workplace going forward. Seeing lasting benefits ensures people won’t be frustrated or feel that team building activities are a waste of their time or irrelevant to their work.

(See: Keys to Team Success on The Balance for more on the importance of meaningful follow-up and integrating team building with your overall organisational structure.)

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