5 Tips for Effective Communication in the Office

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Communication seems like a straightforward concept that is easy to maintain but more often than not, the workplace is filled with miscommunications. Miscommunication will most likely always happen but use this tips to mitigate it. If you practice good communication skills, other people will begin to follow suit.

5. Listen to Your Team Members

An important part of communicating is listening to what other people have to say. Other staff members may pick up on something you don’t or have a creative outside the box idea that can improve your project. Listening is also important because it will help you pick up facts that you may need to relay later on.


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4. Be Articulate and Get to the Point

Everyone’s time is valuable at work so when you need to communicate something, do so as efficiently and concisely as possible. Nobody wants to listen to a ten minute explanation on something super straight forward so keep it simple.

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3. Encourage Feedback

You can’t know if you’re doing a good job if you don’t receive any feedback. Be sure to ask people about your performance from time to time to ensure that everyone feels you are doing a good job. Tell other people how you feel about their performance and be sure to compliment on a job well done when they have finished a particularly difficult project. Feedback allows for people to know where they stand and how they can improve.


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2. Figure Out the Best Mode of Communication

Some things are far too complicated to explain over email. Think about what you are trying to convey in your message and how much of a response you require from the recipient. If the issue can’t be resolved in less than three emails, arrange for a phone call or some kind of instant messaging system. Clogging up your inbox trying to get answers is neither productive nor an effective communication tool.

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1. Create a Communication Process

One of the biggest struggles of office life is trying to keep everyone in the loop. Sit down and think about the way to contact everyone and keep them informed. Would an office wide newsletter be sufficient or can you make announcements at the weekly staff meeting? Try to keep everyone up to date to minimize company wide confusion.

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